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The river below Dillon reservoir is filled with the best trout growing diet of Mysis shrimp. Similar to the “Pan” and the “Taylor” this section is home to some of the states largest trout. A section that once braided out with shallow and deep-water settings, is now home to long deep runs that where dug out to create habitat for species of trout that where introduced to the river. This has helped trout find refuge in the deep runs, but it has become a challenge for anglers to access these giants in high flows.

The river is difficult to fish in high water that can reach 1600 plus cfs, the best time to hunt for these fish is during low flow conditions. As the river travels through Silverthorne it will pass under Interstate 70, and a crossing bridge at the outlet stores. This bridge is a famous area to look down at the selective trout that call the Blue home. Knowing that the water is often clear your approach and use of small fluorocarbon leaders and tippet are detrimental to you success.

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